The Pioneers In UHP Technology

Rooted in rigorous scientific research, HMA Fire is the leader in developing Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) technology to make firefighting faster, safer, and more efficient.


HMA Fire does UHP better than anyone else, because it’s all we do. From customizing a unit for a brand new apparatus to integrating into an existing system, each product that goes into service is designed and built by a skilled team of UHP experts.

Versatile and effective, it's our most popular option.

Have a tank or existing vehicle? 

We have a solution for that.

Customize your unit with added features.

Wherever you need to go, UHP follows.



Since 2003, HMA has pioneered the science and development of Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) technology in the fire service. Based in Wisconsin, we are advancing some of the boldest, game-changing technology in the world.


"UHP has changed the way we conduct business.  We are now offered the ability to reduce firefighter fatigue, less exposure to toxins by making a fast attack from the exterior in most cases, arrive on scenes faster, use a lot less water and are able to extinguish the fire with little disruption to the scene to conserve [it] for investigation."


Watch what 20 seconds and 7 gallons can do.

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